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Father/Son Hunts



These hunts are an excellent way for father and sons to spend quality time in the outdoors.

Small Game Hunting

Our small game hunts can put you on squirrel, grouse, and rabbit and our lease has pheasant, chuker and quail.  (In keeping with our fair chase policy all pheasant, quail and chuker hunts are on prestocked birds that have had time to acclimate to the area months in advance). This is not a put and take operation with hunters shooting mountains of "fluttering birds", but we bet you'll enjoy our mixed bag bird hunt hunt. 

Rates: The rate for your hunt will depend on exactly what you would like to do.

Typical example:

Arrive 3pm day before, hunt day 1, day 2 and day 3 stay over and leave after breakfast on day 4.   4 nights in camp, all meals, (including game taken during your hunt)- guided 2 hunters per guide.

Day one: Start early for sit and stalk squirrel, lunch afternoon grouse hunt over pointing dog.

Day two: Morning hunt,  Rabbit flush!  Afternoon, Chukers in the tangles

Day three: Pheasant for the morning and squirrel in the afternoon.

Rate         Adult hunter:  $750.00

                Son or daughter: 400.00

Pheasants killed (many places charge for birds stocked, you pay only for birds bagged) at  $18.00 per bird. Chukers $14.00, Quail $12.00

We can make up additional packages in a number of ways. Call for a quote


Deer Hunting

As a special incentive we charge a reduced rate for hunters betwee 12 and 16 accompanied by an adult parent, grandparent or other mentor. We charge only one half the rate of an adult hunter for all hunts. This hunter must possess a junior license


We offer Bow, Muzzleloader and Rifle hunting along with small game and turkey hunting in the great state of Pennsylvania. Click on your specific interest on the menu on left. To book a hunt or for more information call Jerry at 908-433-8896 or email at  jerry@padeerhunt.com