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Bear Hunting


Tioga County Pennsylvania has a terrific bear population. Bears in the 400 pound range are common and much larger monster bears have been sighted. The Traditional hunt takes place the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and is one of our most exciting hunts. Bear sightings on our property and in the surrounding area are frequent occurrences. Your hunt is a unique one because any bear taken is truly a trophy taken in fair chase conditions. Pennsylvania does not allow baiting and because of that we hunt bears in a number of ways from stalking quietly up logging roads to setting up stands in travel routes. We also wiill design small drives with the cooperation of clients as they alternate between being drivers and standers. These drives require hunters to be in good shape as some of the terrain is steep and much of it is thick with brush. Hunters familiar with utilizing GPS units will find them especially useful and instruction in their use and the units themselves can be provided. Every hunter also will have access to handheld radios in case of emergency. (Note: It is illegal to utilize radios as a way to coordinate the actual hunt and while hunting and violates our fair chase policy!)

 Our bear hunt has a number of special aspects the least of which is the price. A fee of $1150  gets you the following: Your free scouting day on Friday. Arrive before 12:00 noon and enjoy a terrific lunch and dinner, then 4 full days of hunting (Saturday, Monday thru Wednesday) and your choice to leave Wednesday evening or stay Wednesday night and leave after breakfast on Thursday. (remember Thursday is Thanksgiving)

This hunt is obviously a low percentage kill hunt, but any bear taken is a once in a lifetime trophy. This is also our only hunt where we may have more than 5 hunters in camp.