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Here at Campbell Creek Outfitters we are dedicated to the excitement of a true fair chase Bowhunt.  Infact, we like to say we specialize in it! 

 The bowhunting season gives our hunters their first crack at the herd that has been undisturbed for nearly a year. Our Opening Week Hunt is the perfect hunt to take advantage of our free scouting day. We encourage our hunters to bring their own climbers and ladder stands and we will help set them up and mark trails to get in to them before sunrise--we don't just place you in a predetermined location over a foodplot -we scout with you, pointing out locations and important terrain features. Of course we keep a  ready supply of comfortable ladder stands to use if you don't bring your own. Many of our hunters may set up on more than one location to take advantage of morning and evening deer movements and wind patterns. After setting up, we have a variety of different activities for hunters including practice shooting at our on site 5 station foam deer target course.



The Peak of the Rut Hunt  is the last week of the season when some of the most exciting  hunting can be happening. (read  the Pennsylvania Game Commissions article on the rut by clicking on the link below) This hunt places you in the field when deer movements are at their peak. Take advantage of your free scouting day on Sunday to locate active scraps and rubs and set up to be in the correct place bright and early on Monday. Note: Arrive Saturday after 3pm and stay overnight at camp for no additional charge.

Other Bowhunting weeks: A bow hunt (minimum of four days) can be scheduled based on availability any time during the season including after Christmas thru the end of the season.


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We offer Bowhunting, Muzzleloader and Rifle hunting along with small game hunting and turkey hunting in the great state of Pennsylvania. Click on your specific interest on the menu on left. To book a hunt or for more information call Jerry at 908-433-8896