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1840's Hunt


Campbell Creek offers a very unusual style hunt that may be of interest to those hunters that would like to "recreate" an old time mountainman style hunt. Instead of staying at our deer camp hunters stay in an improvised leanto and camp out under the stars. Hunters will hunt with flintlock rifle for Deer and period style percussion shotguns and small caliber  muzzleloading rifles for small game and will forage for game that can be had in season. All game shot will then be served up with provisions brought to camp (this will include game meat including buffalo, deer and small game) and cooked over open fires. Hunters will sleep on improvised bunks with  period style blankets. This hunt will be conducted during the muzzleloader season for doe (and will be limited to the use of flintlock rifles for deer) and hunters will primarily focus on deer but small caliber percussion rifles and muzzleloader shotguns will also be available for any hunter who might wish to give them a try for squirrel and grouse which is also in season. This hunt will begin in our deer camp on Tuesday the week of muzzleloader season at 12:00 noon with a hearty camp lunch and then a short walk to the primative camp. Hunters will hunt from about 3:00 till dark. Hunters will then hunt Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the last night back at our deer camp for a terrific dinner, hot shower and a great nights sleep.

Fee for this hunt is $1100.00 per hunter and includes 5 nights accommodations,  4 1/2 days hunting, all meals, and instruction and use of muzzleloaders for those who might want to give this type of adventure a try but are unfamiliar with this sporting opportunity.