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Deer Hunting Dates and Types


Generally speaking our hunts run Sunday through Thursday. Additional days can be added to include Friday and Saturday. (All hunts are a minimum of 4 hunt days)

Since Sunday is a non-hunting day we call it a "free scouting day" and you may arrive any time that day, move into camp and begin scouting the area with one of our staff and be set up and ready to hunt on Monday.

Note: A four or more day Deer hunt can be arranged to start on any in season day during a week we are not booked. However,  you do not receive a "free scouting day" as hunting can start right away. We still suggest we spend sometime looking over the area before setting up a stand or designing a stalking route. Hunters may arrive any time after 12:00 noon on their first day and will be charged a flat rate of $100.00 for this day which includes dinner.


Archery Hunts--buck or doe (with permit)



After Christmas Bowhunt: A hunt of at least three days may be booked during the season This hunt overlaps with the flintlock muzzleloader hunt so there might be Flintlockers in camp. Snow cover is often the case and scouting can be a lot of fun. Start your hunt on a Sunday and get your free scouting day!

 Muzzleloader Hunts -- Doe only in fall, buck or doe in winter (click on muzzleloader hunts on  the main menu on left for specific information on the proper licenses required)

 Rifle Hunts: This is when the true Pennsylvania tradition begins. The Monday after Thanksgiving weekend sees the state of Pennsylvania field the "largest standing army in the world" ( according to general Norman Schwartzkopf) but you can hunt our private leases or explore those hard to reach (and therefore under hunted) state gamelands without running into another hunter.

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We offer Bow,  Muzzleloader and Rifle hunting along with small game and turkey hunting in the great state of Pennsylvania. Click on your specific interest on the menu on left. To book a hunt or for more information call Jerry at 908-433-8896.