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Doe permits


In order to take best advantage of hunting at Campbell Creek many hunters may wish to obtain a doe permit. However, please note that Campbell Creek Outfiters reserves the right to limit there use in order to meet management goals. At the time of booking we can let you know if your hunt will allow the taking of a doe. Obviously, hunters booking for the fall muzzleloader season will need to obtain a doe permit and may take a doe.   These permits allow a hunter to take a doe during the following seasons.

1. Fall archery- (bucks may be taken with a general hunting license and a bow permit)

2. October Muzzleloader- (This hunt is for doe only)

3. Traditional deer season- (Buck or doe with proper permit)

4. Bow or flintlock season after Christmas (Buck or doe with permit, Flintlocker's require a special muzzleloder stamp)

There are two primary ways you may obtain a doe permit:

1. Enter the PA doe permit lottery drawing according to the specified deadlines. PA residents who do this in a timely fashion have had a 100% success rate in obtaining permits in the past and non-resident hunters nearly that. We can instuct you on the specifics.

2. Pennsylvania has a landowner program that allows farmers and forest owners to obtain coupons that can be redeemed for doe permits. These may not be sold or used on properties for which a fee to hunt is paid. We have a unique arrangement with the owner of the property that sets aside specific areas that may be hunted by our clients for which no fee is paid to hunt but access can only be obtained through our leased land. The fee paid to Campbell Creek Outfitters is for food, lodging and  hosting of the hunt. No fee is charged for hunting this property and therefore hunters may be eligible for a "DMAP" permit that we can arrange for them to obtain. We have a limited supply of these coupons which we can make available in order to help support our quality deer management program.

The relevant PA game commssion regulations for DMAP are listed below:

For Participating Hunters
Qualified landowners participating in DMAP receive a limited number of coupons (determined by acreage) that they will make available to hunters, who, in turn, may redeem them for a DMAP antlerless deer permit to hunt on the property for which they are issued.

1. For the hunting license year, DMAP applications will be accepted from public land owners or managers; private landowners or lessees where hunting rights are not leased or no fee is charged for hunting;

2. Landowners may not charge or accept any contribution from a hunter for a DMAP coupon.

3. Hunters may not obtain more that two DMAP permits per approved DMAP unit. DMAP permits do not impact a hunter's eligibility to apply for and receive antlerless deer licenses issued for Wildlife Management Units (WMUs). DMAP permit allotments are not part of the annual general antlerless deer license allocations for WMUs.

Notice: License information can sometimes be quite confusing. Click on the PA  game commision link below for specifics: www.pgc.state.pa.us/