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"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset." -- Crowfoot, Blackfoot Warrior

  In order to insure a terrific hunt, we book only 8 deer hunters per season. This includes  the fall muzzleloader hunt for Doe only, and up to 4 fall Bow hunts or  Bow / flintlock hunts after Christmas. This allows our deer herd to rest and not feel constantly harassed. Many other outfitters book dozens of hunts a season and often their deer become extremely nocturnal. Additionally we hunt only up to 4 clients per deer hunt and plan to hunt only 8 total hunters for deer during the total combined seasons  ( 8 for the bear season)  in order to provide excellent personal service. The owner is on each hunt to insure you receive the best of service. Our hunts include a "free day of scouting" prior to an official hunting day. 

Free Scouting Day: Our normal hunts began when you arrive at camp Sunday morning. We spend all day if needed scouting and setting up your stand or outlining your stalking plan for your hunt starting on Monday. You may also arrive after 3 pm on Saturday and have dinner Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday for no additional fee.

Bow Hunting Rates: $1000.00 per hunter for a hunt that begins with your free scouting day on Sunday and includes 4 full days of hunting. In order to encourage hunters to stay a full five days of hunting we only charge $150.00  for hunt day 5. For example, a fee of $1000.00 gets you up to 6 nights accommodation, 1 scouting day and 4 full hunting days. $1150.00 gives you up to 7 nights, a free scouting day and 5 full days of hunting!

Muzzleloader Rates: (fall and winter) $1000.00 per hunter for a hunt that begins with your free scouting day on Sunday and includes 4 full days of hunting. Again in order to encourage hunters to stay a full five days of hunting we only charge $150.00 for day 5. Please note the fall muzzleloader season is for doe only with any type of muzzleloader. The winter season  is for buck or doe as long as you still possess a rifle buck tag but you must use a Flintlock muzzleloader. 

Bear Hunt Special: $1150.00 per hunter for a hunt that begins with your free scouting day on friday and includes 4 full days of hunting. Click on our Bear hunting tab on the menu bar on left for specifics of this hunt.

Rifle Hunting: (During the traditional two week rifle season) $1000.00 per  hunter -includes your free scouting day on Sunday, 4 full days of hunting -Monday thru Thursday and even includes dinner and lodging Thursday evening and breakfast on Friday.  You may hunt friday till noon. Stay up to two additional days for  $150.00  per day if you desire.

Coyote and Fox Hunt:  $600.00 per hunter for three full days and an additional 150.00 per day up to 5 days. This hunt is limited to a hunting party of two.  Click on our coyote menu tab on left for further information.   




On hunting day 4 (or your last hunting day) you may hunt all day and stay for dinner in camp  or catch dinner (free to all leaving hunters) on the way out of town at our daughter and son-in-law's restaurant in Mansfield. We will phone ahead to have your meal ready to eat in or take out. If you choose to you may even spend the night in camp and leave in the morning after breakfast.

A  non -refundable deposit of $500.00 per hunter will hold your hunt. The remainder of the hunt price is do in cash or money order upon your arrival.

A word about tips: Often customers have asked our advice about tipping our assistants. Our assistants are paid a resonable wage and we tell our staff the day they sign on with us that if they expect a tip they have signed on with the wrong outfit. If a client is happy and would like to tip let it be spontaneously given for a job done well.

 We offer Bow and Muzzleloader  hunting along with small game and turkey hunting in the great state of Pennsylvania. Click on your specific interest on the menu on left. To book a hunt or for more information call Jerry at 908-433-8896















Hosting of your Hunt: We will have prescouted large areas in advance of your hunt and have marked extensive stand sites by GPS. We will discuss location and difficulty of getting to the site and assist you to locations for you to choose from. Assistants will accompany you to these sites to help you set up. We have a assistant per two hunters. This applies to all land owned and under lease. Since it is not legal to run a commercial operation on state game land our assistants will help you by utilizing scouting conferences and instruct you in using a GPS unit so you can reach deep into the backcountry . All Hunters are provided with hand held radios in case of emergency and to call for help with game care

  • Accommodations, including bedding and towels
  • All meals
  • Beverages, including soft drinks, coffee, juices, etc. 
  • Help with scouting and stand set-up
  • Use of portable stands 
  • Field preparation of Trophies and transport to the butcher
  • Butcher cost for deer is $95.00. This is the standard fee for cut and wrap at our local butcher.  Additional cost for specialty items at butcher cost.  
  • Use of 3d bow range