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Coyote and Fox Hunts


During January, February and March we offer exciting hunts for the elusive Pennsylvania coyote and red fox. We utilize a number of different hunting techniques including snow trailing as well as calling. All sporting equipment necessary for this hunt is provided. Each hunter need only bring his rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader and good camo. Our coyote and fox hunts take place after most of the deer hunting is done (except for a slight overlap with flintlock deer hunting) and are a terrific way to extend your hunting season. These hunts run normally three full hunting days.  Price for this hunt is $900.00 for two hunters (700.00 for 1 hunter) for three full days of hunting Additional days may be added at $150.00 per day per hunter. This hunt can begin on any day as Sunday hunting for coyote is allowed and this makes for a terrific long weekend. Hunts start with your arrival after 2:00 pm the day before and include three full days of hunting. On hunting day 3 (or your last hunting day) you may hunt all day and stay for dinner in camp or catch dinner (free to all leaving hunters) on the way out of town at our pizzeria restaurant in Mansfield. We will phone ahead to have your meal ready to eat in or take out. If you choose to you may even spend the night in camp and leave in the morning after breakfast. During the overlap with flintlock muzzleloader season hunt both deer and coyote at your choice each day.  This hunt is hosted by owner Jerry Curreri and experienced local callers and only one or two hunters will be booked at a time. This hunt makes extensive use of travel throughout Tioga County. 

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